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MindSphere what’s new: Closed-Loop Digital Twin and Secure Data Sharing – March 2022

With our most recent MindSphere update, digital twin capabilities have been reorganized to improve the user experience.

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Closed-loop digital twins: when IoT and simulation converge

The use of closed-loop digital twins is becoming one of the core elements in digitalization. Implementing it and having the…

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How the closed-loop digital twin is changing the manufacturing industry

The implications of the closed-loop digital twin are powerful. Learn how it is affecting the industry as a whole.

closed-loop digital twin changing manufacturing industry

closed-loop digital twin changing manufacturing industry

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For a Closed-Loop Digital Twin, the Learning Never Stops

By design, a digital twin should continuously learn and improve through a constant feedback loop of real-time information. When utilized in conjunction with the…

Leveraging the Closed-Loop Digital Twin

Leveraging the Closed-Loop Digital Twin

Drive optimized decision-making: The closed-loop digital twin with IoT

Digitalization has disrupted the manufacturing industry, making it imperative for companies to find ways to drive increased value through innovation.

connected car and IoT digital twin

connected car and IoT digital twin

Closed-loop digital twin

Adjust operations to the new normal with Closed-Loop Discrete Events Simulation

Today, manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses expect major disruptive changes to operations. According to…