Reduce costs and maximize efficiency with energy management

Are you looking to lower costs, increase your energy management and comply with regulatory requirements? Get started by monitoring your energy consumption and leveraging data from industrial IoT devices. With data obtained through IIoT connected devices and software as a service solutions, you can identify power hungry machines and production issues. Then, with this data at hand, you’ll be able to effectively analyze your energy consumption, implement cost- and time-saving fixes, and increase production.

Energy management is a critical part of the production process. But it can also be expensive, time consuming to implement, and challenging to troubleshoot. To optimize your energy management, you need full transparency over every machine, asset and production line. This in itself can be difficult to approach, especially if you have multiple machines in varying locations. The systems and processes behind energy management can be complex, but with powerful analytics and data management, you can find smart energy saving solutions.

In our webinar, we look at the Canal de Isabel II case study, to see how they tackled the challenges of energy management by leveraging the IIoT to create energy savings and reduce emissions.

Putting data to use, sustainably

The Canal de Isabel II wastewater treatment plants in Madrid successfully adopted technology to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously maximizing their operating efficiency. Through connected applications, Canal de Isabel II was able to monitor their energy usage, take data from their applications and visualize solutions. By effectively analyzing this data, they made informed decisions and implemented sustainable energy management solutions – and saved on costs. Now, Canal de Isabel II has made energy savings of over 15%, and its CO₂ emissions are down by more than 10%.[1]

The energy management advantage

There are a wide range of solutions available to give you the advantage over your energy management. Industrial IoT connected devices can help you:

  • Collect and visualize where and when energy is consumed
  • Analyze energy data over time
  • Track, optimize and report your energy consumption
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar and discover how to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your energy management. Find the webinar here.

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