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MindSphere for Energy – Siemens at European Utility Week 2017

MindSphere for Energy – Siemens at European Utility Week 2017

Distributed energy systems and digitalization are two trends that reinforce one another and are driving the transformation of the energy world. Siemens is supporting these trends in a variety of ways…

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Partnership with the University of Sheffield launches UK-wide MindSphere Innovation Network (MINe)


A new partnership between Siemens and the University of Sheffield has been launched to accelerate digitalisation, boost digital skills, and promote technology and knowledge exchange t…

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Better Learning 4.0 – the MindSphere Academy

Siemens supports its existing and potential customers on their path to Industrie 4.0 with the MindSphere Academy. Old training models no longer fit there, and the company holds this firm conviction: …

An illustration of a computer connected to MindSphere and the networking between assets.

Connecting a SIPLUS CMS1200 SM 1281 to MindSphere

MindConnect Nano allows you to transfer characteristic values and messages of your SIPLUS CMS1200 SM 1281 to MindSphere and display and analyze them in the respective MindApps.


Illustration of the view of an airport from outside. People, planes, and trains are all present.

How Mindsphere Helps Heathrow’s Airport Digitalization


– Baggage handling system availability optimized by new maintenance concept – Use of intelligent sensors and modern cloud technology – Reliable, punctual delivery of ba…

MindSphere Release July 2017

MindSphere Release July 2017

Hereby the offerings MindAccess User, MindAccess Developer and the new MindConnect Elements MindConnect FB 1500 and Mind Connect LIB are released for sales and delivery. The new MindA…

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Get the MindSphere Whitepaper Now!

The MindSphere Whitepaper introduces MindSphere, a cloud-based, open operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). With data analytics, connectivity capabilities, tools for developers, applicati…

Siemens partners with Singapore to establish Digitalization Hub

Siemens partners with Singapore to establish Digitalization Hub

Singapore and Siemens aim to join forces in a drive to make the Southeast Asian city-state a “smart nation.” As a result, Singapore will be the first country in the world to pilote MindSphere – Sieme…

Runner running under a large, urban solar power panel

A look ahead: Data-Driven Cities

This is a repost from the official Pictures of the Future Siemens post. You can find the original article located here. 

We live in an age of urbanization. For the p…