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Image of the MindSphere logo with a picture on the left of a computer device that says SIPAPER Drive Systems and an arrow leading to the right of the logo with an illustration of a computer monitor and phone screen, both showing numbers for monitoring your devices

MindSphere’s new container technologies accelerate scalable solutions

Baseline situation – an application from fiber industry:  The Drive Performance Analytics application shows the current machine/ factory status and reduces unexpected downtime of paper mill…

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Fast Ramp-Up Challenge – Das Automotive Industrie 4.0 Highlight des Jahres

Hersteller, Zulieferer und Dienstleister der Automobilindustrie repräsentieren die umsatzstärkste Industrie Deutschlands. Doch gerade sie ist durch den Wandel hin zu Elektromobilität und Carsharing i…

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MindSphere & Mendix – Learn more at Mendix World 2019

Learn more about Mendix & MindSphere at Mendix World 2019!
We are very excited to share with you that we will be sponsoring the world’s largest low-code conference, Mendix World, on April 16-…

Have you ever considered applying with MindSphere?

Have you ever considered applying with MindSphere?

Are you wondering what it’s like to be part of our team? I had the pleasure of joining MindSphere three months ago.

If somebody asked me to describe working at MindSphere in three wor…

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Microsoft and Siemens highlight their partnership and MindSphere on Azure Solution at SPS IPC Drives

Microsoft and Siemens have built a strong partnership over the years that supports digitalization, industry automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as illustrated with their latest offeri…

Drive optimized decision-making: The closed-loop digital twin with IoT

Digitalization has disrupted the manufacturing industry, making it imperative for companies to find ways to drive increased value through innovation.

Image of the audience seated at Siemes Pune Technological Conclave 2018

Siemens Pune Technology Conclave – 2018

If you want an opportunity to grow, seek a platform to learn! The more you learn, the more you evolve, and the more you grow. Our future growth largely relies on the knowledge that we gather today.

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Live-Webinar zu MindSphere am 20.11.: Hardware Connectivity & Edge

Treffen Sie unsere Experten online!

Sie haben das Potential der IoT-Lösung MindSphere erkannt? Dann ist der erste Schritt Ihre Maschinen mit Hardware an die MindSphere anzu…

A picture behind the stage at the AWS awards--the area is fenced off and empty

Digital Transformation achieved with Siemens PLM Software and AWS


As our industrial customers and peers seek to achieve digital transformation in their businesses, cutting edge technology services and partnerships with industry experts are providi…