MindSphere & Tecnomatix

An US company demonstrates how to improve productivity and throughput, to reduce costs with engineering 4.1 tools

The Realize LIVE 2020 Europe conference is getting closer by the day. We just received an awesome presentation by Sam Hoff, CEO at Patti Engineering, an innovative consulting company from Michigan, USA.

Why do I think it is relevant to all of us?

  1. It shows an insightful link between MindSphere and Siemens Industry Software’s Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. We created some linked models ourselves, but this is an example with an actual customer in a real-life situation. I think this makes a huge difference.
  2. The example was implemented by a company, targeting the mid-market segment. It illustrates how useful MindSphere can be used for small and middle sized companies!
  3. The presentation is all about the usage of data and analytics/analysis to improve productivity and throughput, to reduce costs, etc.
  4. The presentation tells the story in only 20 minutes in a simple yet revealing way.
  5. MindSphere is not a SCADA system in the Cloud, but as the source for updating Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. While Plant Simulation holds the model, the data to run it comes from the analysis executed in MindSphere.
  6. The improvements achieved for this customer are quite impressive, while the cost of achieving them was very small.
  7. Innovation does not exclusively come from Siemens, in this case it came from a small company in an unexpected way.   

I could keep going on, but I am sure you got the message.

Register today to participate in the 20 min presentation:

Tue Nov 03, 3:10 PM – 3:30 PM GMT +1  

Using MindSphere™ to Collect Production Data of an OEM’s Floor to Identify Production Blocks on CNC Lines by Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering, USA.

Thanks, and best regards, 
Matthias Heinicke

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