MindSphere’s new container technologies accelerate scalable solutions

The Drive Performance Analytics application

Baseline situation – an application from fiber industry:  The Drive Performance Analytics application shows the current machine/ factory status and reduces unexpected downtime of paper mills. It supports machine operators in root cause analysis for web breaks and provides important KPIs and events.

The task was to lift the application to MindSphere that was running in the factory IT (on-premise) before.

New container technologies

In the course of an early access new container technologies were made available by MindSphere to the Siemens Process Automation Unit (DI PA DE-L) development team. Software containers are used to transport software to different infrastructures enabling developers to write applications which are fully portable, from cloud to edge.

Utilizing container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes MindSphere will enable developers to build and operate more complex and highly scalable applications.

The developers and architects from DI PA DE-L used the chance of the early access and organized a two and a half days Hackathon and lifted the application to the cloud.

The results

A new MindSphere app for desktop and mobile devices – in future the application should also predict and avoid web breaks in real time based on a simulated tension calculation.

As a special add-on an Alexa skill prototype was developed that enables the factory manager to query the current status of his plant via Alexa speech recognition at any time.

Watch the Video:

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The Hackathon showed what a short time to market could be achieved using MindSphere’s latest technology. Relevant KPI’s can be made available at a larger scale instead of locally. Thanks’ to the MindSphere Ecosystem the app could be commercialized as well – so other customers could profit from it.

Several new services in the context of software containers will be released over the next few months to be used with MindSphere.

Thank you Christian Frech and Arastoo Barji & team for the great teamwork.

Many thanks to Sven Schmidt and Firuza Sharifulleva from Anynines.

Anynines are a long-time experts in development and operations of cloud software.

Through the development partnership with Anynines, we achieve a “short time to market” for new technologies, such as software containers. During the entire hackathon the Anynines specialists supported the Siemens Hackathon team.

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