MindSphere with industry-driven solutions now on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

By: Steve Bashada, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cloud and Data Services

A cloud-based Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – IoT – has had its fair share of hype. By now, our customers have heard it all.

They’ve heard about the exponential growth in connected devices (from eight billion today to a trillion by 2030). They’ve heard about the potential value added to global industry ($5 trillion by 2025). And they’ve particularly heard what the IoT can mean to them: transforming data into knowledge, and that knowledge into value.

What we’ve set out to do at Siemens is to get beyond the vision. Our focus has been making the IoT real and tangible for customers. We’ve combined 170 years of industrial domain knowledge with our passion for software and the tech world, and with our reinvention into a fully digital company. From that, we created MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system.

That’s MindSphere in technical terms. In practice, it’s a tool to solve challenges and advance how we do business. It’s a way to convert data into specific, measurable value so businesses and organizations of every kind and size can create more transparency of the performance of assets, run predictive and more efficient maintenance, increase product quality through closed loop innovation, drive new business models like pay per use, and a lot more. And it’s already working. MindSphere’s digital applications have helped our customers reduce downtime by more than 15%, increase output by more than 8%, or lift service revenues by more than 12%.

The MindSphere ecosystem

This is just the beginning, as strong partners are just starting to enter the MindSphere ecosystem. The formula is simple: more partners, more apps, more value. And on this score, today we took a big step forward. We are announcing today that Mindsphere will be hosted for the first time on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. As a result, companies of all sizes will be able to develop robust industrial IoT solutions on a shorter timeline across various industries.

AWS and MindSphere

We collaborated with AWS because we heard our customers demand high availability and global scale. They will now have access to one of the best industrial IoT application programming Interfaces from Siemens, coupled with direct access to AWS services for faster application development.

We think this is a powerful combination: AWS, the global No. 1 provider of cloud services with millions of customers worldwide, teams up with Siemens, the No. 1 automation provider. We combine mission critical operation and automation technology with 30 million automation systems, 75 million contracted smart meters and over 800,000 connected products in the field today. This is enormous combined global scalability that uniquely combines an open platform as a service with native cloud accessibility.

When you combine this with our ability to drive innovation by closing the loop with the digital twin of the product, digital twin of production, and the digital twin of performance, no one else can offer this. That’s why I’m really looking forward to meeting the amazing AWS community at re:Invent. This is the start of a unique collaboration, and we hope others will join the Siemens MindSphere partner program as well. Together, we will transform data into value. And that value will be absorbed by our customers as they drive their digital transformation. Visit Siemens on Level 3 Venetian East at AWS re:Invent and see how.

Learn how MindSphere can solve your business challenges here

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