MindSphere Release July 2017


Hereby the offerings MindAccess User, MindAccess Developer and the new MindConnect Elements MindConnect FB 1500 and Mind Connect LIB are released for sales and delivery. The new MindApp Fleet Manager will replace both the existing MindApp Fleet Manager and MindApp Visual Analyzer.


MindSphere the open, cloud-based IoT operating system

Nowadays, every machine and system holds a wealth of data. MindSphere, as the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, helps to understand it by connecting machines and physical infrastructure (from both Siemens and third parties) to the digital world. To do this, all data defined by the user is first of all seamlessly captured and transferred to MindSphere at defined time intervals. The data is analyzed in MindSphere and the data relevant for optimization is made available in the form of recommendations for action. The MindApp Fleet Manager is already available and helps users to connect their assets to MindSphere, to configure them, to read out and to visualize the relevant data for analysis. MindSphere also offers the option of developing dedicated applications (from Siemens and third party providers) and using them on MindSphere as well as offering them to other users. With this MindSphere provides the capability for developing digital services (from both Siemens and third party providers), applying them and making them available to other users to reduce downtime, increase output and use assets more effectively.

News and changes

– MindAccess User

Highlights are better usability and a re-designed Launchpad. Now one application incorporates Asset-, User- and Customer Management.

– MindAccess Developer

MindAccess Developer as new offering provides you with access to a Development System for developing and testing of applications (Apps). Depending on the ordered package (S, M or L), MindAccess Developer also enables you to provide the application to customers/users on a Productive System. Within the MindSphere Platform, tools are provided to configure Assets, Users and applications and MindApps can be accessed.

– MindConnect Elements

There are new MindConnect elements:
Mind Connect LIB: Use it in order to implement MindSphere connectivity into your device of choice.
Mind Connect FB 1500: Use it in order to implement MindSphere connectivity into an S7-1500 controller.

Performance improvements:
With this release MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040 got much higher performance regarding to data collection.

MindAccess User

MindAccess User provides an Account in order to access the MindSphere Platform. Within the MindSphere Platform, tools are provided to configure Assets, Users and applications and MindApps can be accessed. It includes a tenant (dedicated MindSphere area for a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges and cloud resources for data storage.). Get started with MindSphere immediately without programing. Access the MindApps “Fleet Manager” and “Manage MyMachines” from the Launchpad. These Apps are updated independently from the platform.

MindAccess User is the successor of prior “MindAccess & Mind Apps” offering.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

The Fleet Manager gives you transparency on your installed base. It provides an overview of Assets configured in MindSphere and the possibility to quickly search for relevant Assets based on various criteria. An Asset is a logical representation of a machine or a system. For each Asset a cluster of multiple data sources which are required for a specific analysis (e.g. evaluation of machine status) can be created (the so-called Aspects). Aspects are the playground for meaningful analysis.

A map view shows the geographic location of connected Assets. In the detail view, users see the recorded data, shown in different diagrams. With the time picker, the user defines the data display timeframe
The „Requests“ function provides you with the opportunity to define resulting actions after occurrence of an event such as exceeding of a limit value of a machine.

For MindSphere to automatically detect events for you and trigger Requests, you can define rules in the Fleet Manager that monitors the data points of the respective Assets.

Manage MyMachines

Manage MyMachines is a MindSphere web application. It provides an overview of your MindSphere configured machine tool and the ability to display relevant machine information.

There are specific variables of the SINUMERIK 840D captured and displayed in its own dashboard. If events are detected at the machine tool, this is indicated in the request status.

To automatically display information in Manage MyMachines in MindSphere, you can activate predefined SINUMERIK specific data points.


Monthly fees for a MindAccess User account:

    • MindAccess User Base Fee (a fixed monthly fee for access to the MindSphere Platform). Included in this fee are 50 users and a tenant (dedicated MindSphere area for a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges and cloud resources for data storage).
    • Variable fees (based on MindSphere Units):
      • MindAccess Additional Users Fee (fee for every additional User that is not already included in the applicable MindAccess Service)
      • MindSphere Data Model Fee (fee for each connected Asset depending from chosen data model)
      • MindApp Fees (fee for each MindApp; this fee and its calculation can vary for each MindApp)

MindAccess Developer

With MindAccess Developer you can develop and test applications on a development system and deploy applications (apps) on the productive system (available with MindAccess Developer package M or L) in order to be used by customers or yourself. Customers can be on boarded to a developers tenant in order to access deployed applications.

Use the developer resource cockpit to meter and manage your spaces and resources. Implement apps using MindSphere Standard APIs in order to edit, manipulate and analyze productive data ingested by your assets, machines or devices. A customer/user management tool is as well available as the MindApp Fleet Manager. The Fleet Manager supports in managing and visualizing connected assets and respective data.

Overview MindAccess Developer

1 Limited usage
2 Will be released as part of a later increment

MindConnect Elements

With the Connectivity Elements, MindSphere provides multiple, varied and easy-to-implement connectivity solutions (connectors, agents, libraries, …) to be able to onboard a wide range of assets (Siemens and 3rd-party) in both brown- and greenfield environments For assets which cannot be on boarded from scratch, the MindSphere Connectivity Elements also enables self-programming of connectivity modules by using the MindConnect LIB. The following connectivity elements are available:

    • a) MindConnect IoT2040

MindConnect IoT2040 is a device for collecting data using different protocols and transferring the data to MindSphere. The device supports transmission of data through a secure internet connection, to enable cloud-based applications and services. MindConnect IoT2040 can only be used according to the specific terms included in the datasheet, with MindSphere.

    • b) MindConnect Nano

MindConnect Nano is a device for transferring data and allows connectivity to MindSphere. Different protocols are supported in order to collect data. The device supports transmission of data through a secure internet connection to MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services. In comparison to MindConnect IoT2040, the MindConnect Nano has higher performance regarding to the amount of data collection. MindConnect Nano can only be used according to the specific terms included in the Datasheet, with MindSphere.

    • c) MindConnect FB 1500 (new)

The MindConnect FB 1500 is a TIA Portal STEP7 library to extend the functions of the S7-1500 PLC. It supports encrypted transmission of PLC data to the MindSphere Platform through a secure internet protocol in order to enable cloud-based applications and services. MindConnect FB 1500 is compatible with S7-1500 PLC which enable secure open user communication and SHA2. (Firmware must be at least V2.0)

    • d) MindConnect LIB (new)

The MindConnect LIB provides connectivity functions to enable communication with the MindSphere Platform. The MindConnect LIB can be integrated into software, building by this way a so-called “Custom Agent”, which connects and transfers data through a secure internet protocol in order to enable cloud-based applications and services. A Custom Agent can be programmed for any common OS (such as Windows 32/64 Bit, Linux32/64Bit, Mac OS X, Yocto, etc.). The developer of a Custom Agent is free with regard to the selection of the hardware platform. The MindConnect LIB is developed in C programming language. For reasons of security, the connection to MindSphere Platform uses SSL/TLS.

MindConnect LIB is only available in combination with the MindAccess Developer offering.

Ordering information

MindAccess User and Developer

Article Name & Article No.
MindAccess User:9AC2513-3MJ20-4ND4
MindAccess Developer S: 9AC2301-1MS11-1ND0
MindAccess Developer M: 9AC2301-1MM11-1ND0
MindAccess Developer L: 9AC2301-1ML11-1ND0

Options for MindAccess Developer
Redis: 9AC2600-0MJ11-0RA5
RabbitMQ: 9AC2600-0MJ11-0QA5
MongoDB: 9AC2600-0MJ11-0MA5
PostgreSQL: 9AC2600-0MJ11-0PA5
MindAccess Developer Add. Developers: 9AC2301-1MD11-1ND0
MindAccess Developer Package Upgrade: 9AC2301-1MC11-1ND0

MindConnect Elements
Article Name Article No.
MindConnect IoT2040: 9AC2112-0AA00-1YA2
MindConnect Nano: 9AC2112-8BA12-0KA1
MindConnect FB 1500: Download: 109746168
MindConnect LIB Download link will be provided via Email after ordering of MindAccess Developer.


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