MindSphere & Mendix – Learn more at Mendix World 2019

Learn more about Mendix & MindSphere at Mendix World 2019!

We are very excited to share with you that we will be sponsoring the world’s largest low-code conference, Mendix World, on April 16-17 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and we’d love to have you attend the event!

Mendix World 2019 will be a large customer conference with 3000+ attendees, and you will have a chance to:

    • Hear incredible new product announcements and demos from the Mendix CTO, Johan den Haan, as he shares his vision for the future of app dev, unveils the latest enhancements to the Mendix ecosystem, and puts you in the driver’s seat with industry leading technology
    • Participate in a keynote with Mendix Co-Founder and CEO, Derek Roos, on how the Mendix platform transforms developers into strategic influencers for building competitive differentiation in a software driven world
    • Hear first-hand what VP of MindSphere Products David Mitchell envisions and how developers benefit from “Low Code App Development” for MindSphere
    • Meet the team that makes Mendix possible, have your questions answered by the experts that built the platform, and see custom demos of the latest features
    • Share your Mendix stories and best practice with other Mendix developers
    • Attend technical sessions and hands-on workshops, for example about MindSphere and Teamcenter, to sharpen your skills
    • Sign up for a 24-hour Hackathon where you can pair up with experienced mentors for a full day (and night) of code
    • Take your Mendix certification exams and get guidance for reaching the next level

Register for Mendix World 2019

The good news for you: MindSphere offers you a free ticket! We provide you a registration code that cancels out the registration fee of 499 €.

You wonder what is the connection between Mendix and Siemens? Siemens acquired Mendix in 2018 to combine the market offering of Siemens comprehensive Digital Enterprise Software suite, Mendix low-code application development, and MindSphere IoT ecosystem. It creates a true innovation platform of choice for organizations large and small to digitally transform their enterprises.

As enterprises invest to digitalize their operations, demand for business applications is growing significantly faster than the capacity of IT organizations to deliver them. This gap between business demand for smart applications and lack of adequate developer talent has created unprecedented demand for low-code, high productivity platforms. With the addition of Mendix, Siemens enters the rapidly growing low-code application development market and will invest in Mendix to build on its market leading position, across both its existing customer verticals and the Siemens customer base.

Customers are empowered to make product and manufacturing information universally accessible and useful for their business via a range of integrated, yet open, best-in-class technology for the creation, management, organization and insight of product and manufacturing data. By having access to the largest open ecosystem of IoT, they will benefit from Cloud and Digital Enterprise Software experts, greatest collection of applications, developer communities, professional service expertise, and world leading academic and research relationships.

Mendix brings unique low code capabilities to MindSphere’s customers for efficient future application development. With Mendix´s integrated rapid application development approach the productivity of app developers is increased and time to market is drastically reduced. The Integration of Mendix will lower the entry barrier to easily create solutions on MindSphere and with the already established low code development community this additional capability will act as a catalyzer for a fast-growing ecosystem with rich content.

The MindAccess Developer Plan already includes capabilities to develop and test applications using Mendix – Customers can start developing applications with Mendix on MindSphere right away.

Want to learn more about MindSphere?

Learn more here: https://mindsphere.io

We look forward to seeing you at Mendix World 2019,

Your MindSphere team

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