Key industrial IoT solutions empowered by MindSphere

More and more industrial and manufacturing organizations are making the leap to digitalization to address business challenges and drive opportunities. To harness the data, capabilities and insights of the industrial IoT, it is essential to have the appropriate software solutions. MindSphere gets you there.

With MindSphere, you gain not just powerful data, but solutions to these industrial challenges and use cases. Below, we provide an overview to some of the challenges customers are facing, and the solutions MindSphere provides. With a variety of in-depth webinars on each solution, you can quickly educate yourself on the newest industrial IoT solutions, and then get started today.

Improve operation transparency and boost productivity

  • Do you know how your assets are operating in real-time? When are they producing too much scrap, not enough output, or better yet, when are they about to break down? You need transparency, you need to track KPIs and you need to create benchmarks. Then, you need to take action.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to identify, understand and solve issues quickly and efficiently:

    Performance Monitoring and Collaborative Improvement Solution
  • Are high service costs and slow repair times draining your maintenance team? How transparent is the health status of your equipment? By adopting digital technologies to optimize maintenance expenditure, you can achieve up to a 30% cost reduction.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more:

    Visual Collaboration for Data-driven Maintenance

Generate new business revenue streams and improve customer loyalty

  • Selling industrial equipment shouldn’t be a one and done deal. Instead, it could lead to more revenue streams aligned with the length of the product’s lifecycle – and create better customers relationships while you’re at it.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how offering remote condition monitoring can expand your revenue streams: 

    Remote Condition Monitoring and Remote Service Solution
  • One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty is to offer valuable aftermarket services. But how can you continue engaging with customers long after the sale has been completed? That’s where equipment as a Service (EaaS) comes in.

    Watch the following on-demand webinar to learn more about how EaaS can help you move from one-time revenue to recurring revenue:

    Equipment as a service: Generate predictable revenue steams with satisfied customers

Optimize energy management

  • Are you seeking to lower your energy costs, increase your competitiveness and more easily comply with regulatory requirements? Watch the following on-demand webinar to help you identify energy hogs and production issues:

    Monitor, analyze and optimize your energy consumption

Leverage AI technology easily to drive efficiencies

  • What if anyone in your organization could easily access IoT data and implement advanced analytics Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how with AI for Everyone, anyone on your team can use artificial intelligence without being a data scientist. Then, with these AI insights, you can reduce manual maintenance costs and downtime as well as increase production for your business.

    AI for Everyone — How anyone can generate advanced IoT analytics

Closed-loop digital twin

  • Leveraging industrial IoT allows you to close the loop between real assets in the field and product engineering models. By utilizing existing models in service operations, you can better identify root causes of issues and test different repair options for your engineering effectiveness.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how design engineers can leverage digital twins to develop machines based on real-world data and optimize them for their customers’ operating scenarios:

    Product Twin: Analytics-based product engineering
  • Do you experience issues with your production throughput? Are you interested in maximizing your operational efficiencies? We have solution for you.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how to Identify production bottlenecks faster and boost production output with the help of IoT and plant simulation:

    Factory Twin: Advanced Production Analytics and Optimization

With a broad scope of industrial IoT solutions, MindSphere can help you explore data, discover insights and transform your business. Interested in learning more about MindSphere? Start for free today.

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