How to create your own dashboards in less than 10 minutes with VFC

Visual Flow Creator (VFC), a MindSphere component, provides the possibility of creating your own dashboards to monitor your assets without the need for programming.

Getting started with VFC

In case you need an introduction about VFC please check out the following documentation:

In this video we will first create a simple dashboard with a button, a slider and a gauge and then we will create a dashboard for our brewery pump connected to MindSphere. In this second dashboard we will monitor two variables, the passage or liquid flow and the standard deviation of the motor current which should fall between 0 and 2.

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Key features:

    • The dashboard nodes provide a set of nodes for reading, visualizing and analyzing data on a live dashboard.
    • 15 dashboard nodes are available.

Steps to create your dashboard with Visual Flow Creator:

    1. Select the nodes you need for the dashboard, for example button, slider, gauge, chart… You also have the possibility to select other nodes i.e. non-dashboard nodes.
    2. Connect the nodes together in order to create your flow.
    3. Configure your nodes.
        • Tab: a tab contains one or more groups. It is actually the page where groups are displayed, and each group could contain one or more dashboard elements. To create a new tab, select “Add new ui_tab” from the shown drop-down menu.Assign the dashboard nodes to a tab and a group: in order to visualize your dashboard, you will need to assign your dashboard nodes to a group and a tab.
        • Group: a group is a container for multiple dashboard elements. To create a new group, select “Add new ui_group” from the shown drop-down menu.
    4. Visualize your dashboard.
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