#Hacktoberfest at #MindSphere

By: Igor Milovanović, Senior Key Expert Cloud Technology at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Start contributing to open source software

If you have never contributed to open source software, October is a good month to start, especially because of Hacktoberfest. This event happens every year in October and during this event everybody can support open-source by contributing changes and supporting your favorite open source projects. In the previous years this event was global for all repositories on github, but as an effort to reduce spam, this year the organizers decided to make this an opt-in event for all maintainers.

MindSphere github and Hacktoberfest

The #MindSphere github community will be participating in the Hacktoberfest event also this year. We added the #hacktoberfest topic to our organization’s repositories and we will be posting a series of issues through the month which will guide first contributors through the process of submitting a contribution to open source. The issues will be marked with *good first issue* and *hacktoberfest* and will have the full guidance how to contribute to the project.

MindSphere GitHub Issues

The seasoned open source developers who would like to make a more complex contribution are cordially invited to contribute as well.

Featured #hacktoberfest projects:

If you would like to try out our open source software but don’t have a MindSphere Account we have you covered:

You can register here for your own start for free account.

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