Evosoft and MindSphere: tailor-made digital solutions

Flexible data storage

The demand for a powerful, flexible data storage system has never been greater. In the MindSphere Lounge at the Hannover Messe, evosoft presented customized digital solutions in line with the motto “Why gamble when you can run a winning system.”

In response to trends such as AI, machine learning, and digital twins, promising technologies such as Graph Database pick up where conventional data storage left off – and evosoft is among the leaders. As a strategic MindSphere partner, the IT company once again presented its various services at this year’s Hannover Messe – from consulting and platform development to integration. With the cloud-based, open IoT operating system, companies can fully exploit the potential of highly scalable industrial hardware and software solutions that are available around the clock. MindSphere also makes it easy to initiate new projects and evaluate disruptive business models.

Apps with added value

The evosoft solutions include proprietary applications for MindSphere, such as the “Smart Maintenance App” and the “Assembly Line Self Optimizing App.” The latter helps companies to find an optimal order sequence that avoids delays and minimizes the production time.

A green pie chart with the names of different industries, "automotive" is cut out and highlighted

Optimize and innovate with MindSphere

At the Hannover Messe, visitors could find out how they can use MindSphere to optimize their throughput along the production line in a linear fashion. In evosoft’s innovative approach, the company shifts all computing tasks to the cloud, while the data are collected in the field. This separation enables companies to make changes to physical assets much more quickly than with conventional approaches available only at the field level.

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