Tiny world – big insights! Discover MindSphere.io

We connected industrial sensors to a miniature world of energy, transportation, and production infrastructure – so you can see real-time visualizations and code. This miniature world shows the power of MindSphere. See the recorded action through our video cameras, view data dashboards, inspect source code, and learn about the APIs developers use to build apps and glean valuable insights. 

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How does it work?

The miniature world uses real IoT sensors to generate recorded data for MindSphere. Because MindSphere is an open OS, its apps can gather third-party data (like weather information) through APIs, apply it to the sensor data, and make sense and predictions out of it. Four minutes of time in this miniature world is equivalent to 24 hours in real time.

But check it our for yourself right here: https://siemens.mindsphere.io/live-demo 

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