3 crucial elements of an integrated approach to ship design and engineering

By Claire Cole

The marine industry has had to manage growing complexity in recent years as a few significant trends have impacted operations. A greater focus on sustainability, volatility in the global economy and demand for high-tech, versatile vessels have forced shipbuilders to adapt to added layers of intricacy in their operations.

But with complexity comes opportunity. It’s possible to take these major changes and transform them into a competitive advantage for your business. In this case, adopting an integrated approach to ship design and engineering can set shipbuilders up for success in this new landscape. This approach relies on three key elements we’ve outlined below.

Multidisciplinary design

Using a comprehensive digital twin of a vessel allows shipbuilders to manage the vessel’s electrical, mechanical and software features in a single collaborative environment. Designers across the team can access the same information, and any changes made are automatically communicated and updated for all team members. This keeps everyone aligned throughout the design process.

Simulation-driven ship design

Simulation allows ship designers to assess and explore different design elements without the time and cost of physical tests. This also makes it easier for ship designers to explore novel designs. Using simulation in ship design and engineering makes it easier to analyze and optimize a single component on the vessel and the entire ship system.

Process orchestration

An integrated ship design and engineering approach creates a more seamless process orchestration with increased efficiency and business agility. Teams can execute on projects with fewer silos and disruptions.

The benefits of an integrated approach to ship design and engineering

Taking an integrated approach to ship design and engineering has many benefits, including:

  • Accelerated innovation
  • Optimization of designs to meet industry regulations
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Reduced lifecycle costs

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