More JT2Go Mobile App updates – Android and Window 10 Universal

Users can now grab updates to the JT2Go Windows 10 Universal App and the JT2Go for Android App and try out some new features.

On Windows 10, the jog control is changed such that you no longer double pick the slider to change modes, there are now easy to select icons right on the control. The config settings dialog is now accessed from the bottom of the feature list on the left side of the screen. For all versions of JT2Go, docs are now web based. We have also included some more samples to help with learning how to work JT files in this app.

On Android there are improvements to performance and the size of JT file that users can expect to load. JT2go for Android will now load JT files up to ~30 Mb. Most files load in JT2go for Android in less than 5 seconds.

Check out the videos below …

(view in My Videos)

(view in My Videos)

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