RTOS book published

A while ago, I announced the planned publication of my new book – Embedded RTOS Design: Insights and Implementation. This was a long term project that finally came to fruition this year and delays getting the last stages of publication done were frustrating. But that is all past now, the book is on sale. I was pleased to receive a few copies in the mail.

In summary, the goal of the book is to describe what a real-time operating system is, what it does and how to use it. To illustrate this, I have looked at how an RTOS might be implemented and show the complete design and code for a basic kernel, which the reader can implement as they wish.

The book is available through the usual outlets online, both in paper and e-book form. If you like it, please leave a a review. If you have any questions or comments, do get in touch by email or via social media.

Getting this book done was a highlight of 2020 for me, in a year that had few such pleasures. I wish all readers of this blog Season’s Greetings and may we all have a healthy and peaceful 2021.

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