PADS 9.5 Now Available

By Jim Martens

Before you read on, a newer version of PADS Professional is now available. To learn more, visit the product release highlights for PADS VX.2.12 page.

PADS 9.5 is now available for download on SupportNet at

PADS 9.5 includes the following new features:

  • Virtual pin support
  • Bottom View (Mentor Idea D254)
  • Automation interface enhancements (Mentor Ideas D2749, D3246, D3247, D3248)
  • Placement Keepouts in Decals (Mentor Ideas D258, D383)
  • Plane Connect in PADS Viewer (Mentor Idea D8539)
  • Chinese translation of DxDesigner and PADS

PADS 9.5 includes the latest release of DxDesigner (EE 7.9.4) which includes:

  • New Start-up Screen
  • Graphics Improvements
    • New Grid
    • Navigation View Window
    • Layered Graphics
    • In-line and multi-line editing
    • Dynamic Graphic Violation Highlight
    • Consistent Windows-like Layout Across Platforms
    • Tool Tip Hierarchical Preview and Navigation
    • Connectivity Advisor
    • DxPDF™  Now Included in the PADS ES Suite

Please see the Release Highlights for more information on the contents of this release.



6 thoughts about “PADS 9.5 Now Available
  • I am looking for the latest download of pads 9.5 for license server and clients. I have my software file just need the latest software. I can’t believe it’s this hard just to get the software I paid for. You should go back to mailing CDs.

  • Hello sir,
    I’m a PCB designer and i’m a customer is using 9.4 Pads, I have one problem with creating pdf file, but this function does not allow ordering of layers in the “selected layers” area. I hope in this new version (ver 9.5) would allow me to ordering the layers in the “selected layers” area , it’s not arrange in numerical order of the layers. That is the opinion added little to improve this software. I very appreciate this software, I hope someone can help me one script for this function at now with version 9.4.

    Best Regard
    Khanh Nguyen
    PCB Designer

  • We are trying to install pads 9.5 evaluation version. After clicking agree on the license agreement window, the installer does not open up any new window. Absolutely nothing happens after this. We are installing the program on windows 8.1 (fully updated version)
    Kindly let us know what to do.

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