A Passage to India: Questions & Answers for the Introduction to PADS 9.0 Webinar

By Jim Martens

To all of you who attended our Introduction to PADS 9.0 Webinar, I want to thank you. The attendance to this event was outstanding – in fact, many of you may have been shut out of the event since our servers were maxed out. I apologize for any inconvenience, and, if this were the case—you can still view the event on-demand, 24/7.

Why am I calling my blog “A Passage to India”? Well, some of you who were online know that I was hosting the Q&A session from a hotel room in India and I was not able to get to all the questions that were asked. And believe me – there were a ton of questions!

So what I want to do is answer these questions in our community site set up for PADS. This can be an interactive way of asking questions that we can continue to build on. Our goal is to build a truly interactive virtual community because there are thousands upon thousands of PADS users around the globe and we want to make sure we can connect with each other. Click here to access the Q&A.

One question that kept coming up was the need to have more details on the PADS 9.0 release. Our intent with the Introduction webinar was to provide an overview that explains the PADS flow footprint. 

I will be contributing a blog regularly. This first installment was to let folks know about our Q&A coverage. However – I do expect future installments to be more topical. And, I do hope to solicit lots of feedback…

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