Meeting tomorrow’s market challenges with Capital at Realize LIVE 2022

By Abbie Owen

Realize LIVE Americas was an amazing opportunity to learn from solution experts, customers and executive leaders, face-to-face! However, if you did not get a chance to attend the conference last week, stay tuned for several virtual events featuring Capital at Realize LIVE.

A main topic the Capital breakout sessions explored: why optimizing electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture is critical.

Accordingly, developing the complex, multi-domain E/E systems in today’s vehicles places pressure on engineering teams. How do you execute this process in a coherent and integrated way?

Capital solutions enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and wire harness designers to evolve their E/E system development approaches and thrive. Moreover, the goal is to help companies meet tomorrow’s market challenges.

Let’s recap three more sessions from Realize LIVE in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Challenges and opportunities for OEMs and wire harness manufacturers

Erica Van Berkum, technical product management manager of Siemens’ integrated electrical systems (IES) division, presented on OEMs and wire harness manufactures. Moreover, this session explored how industry trends, challenges and opportunities affect how business is done.

The substantial increase in software-delivered features plus the lack of space to package electronic control units (ECUs) presents significant challenges. These result from inefficiencies in electro-mechanical collaboration, the need for agile and robust processes, mass customization and a lack of automation. Electrical engineers must work harder and smarter to meet these requirements and safely deliver electrical designs to production.

Capital is designed explicitly for this E/E systems development task. Further, Siemens is committed to developing ways to help our customers design more sustainable products and reduce their impact on the environment. We can do this by combining the real world with the digital world.

Optimizing E/E architecture

Later, we heard from Dave Wallace, market development manager of the IES division about E/E architecture optimization. This presentation covered the role of E/E architecture and understanding the true cost of change.

Traditionally, E/E architecture is done at the domain level, capturing the deployment of functional content into the components required for implementation. However, this leads to siloed architectures separated from the design flow and digital thread. This ultimately makes it difficult to understand the impact of system deployment across more than one domain.

Capital Systems offers a platform-level view that can combine electrical, electronic, software and network design in a single E/E architecture. This is fed from functional system models and used to generate downstream implementation proposals. Then, it connects the E/E architecture to the digital thread.

Check out our recent webinars on this topic:

A secret ingredient for your business’ success

The final presentation was led by Bartosz Czarnecki, technical product manager and Anthony Nicoli, senior director of aerospace in the IES division. This session explored how digitalization and advanced tools can help companies improve wire harness design in the aerospace industry.

Today, companies are going digital with product design and carrying that through to the value stream. At this point, solid and robust harness design forms the foundation of reliable, high-quality and cost-effective product manufacturing to support on-time delivery. As a platform design moves from virtual to the real product, using a configuration controlled electrical digital twin optimizes the design of wire harnesses.

Capital is used to help engineers meet design challenges in the increasingly complex world of systems design and engineering. At Realize LIVE, we explored how it enables companies to achieve measurable benefits. Additionally, it helps users reduce risk and avoid iteration, getting the product right first time.

Thank you to all for a successful week and going forward, be sure to check out the upcoming events with Realize LIVE Europe and Japan!

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