Volkswagen Automotive Group approves Capital VSTAR AUTOSAR BSW for Deployment in VAG Brands

I am pleased to announce that Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) has approved Capital® VSTARTM product for use in VAG brands. This is great news for our customers, who can now use their Capital VSTAR tools implementing basic software (BSW) and tooling following the AUTOSAR methodology when designing Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for next-generation VAG models.

Designed to optimize re-use and transferability of ECU design assets, AUTOSAR allows automotive engineers and suppliers of ECUs to achieve modularity and scalability of software with standardized interfaces, improving the ability to handle high-complexity designs. Siemens has a long track record of promoting AUTOSAR as the premier open standard for automotive electronics engineering, and we are a longtime premium partner of the AUTOSAR development partnership.

Leveraging the Capital VSTAR Integrator design tool across the development cycle, Capital VSTAR technology provides a scalable AUTOSAR 4 solution which abstracts the application from the hardware-dependent layer for the rapid development of highly differentiated end-products.


VAG’s approval of Capital VSTAR product delivers significant time-to-market advantages since our customers won’t need to learn to use new toolsets, nor will they have to start designing from scratch when developing AUTOSAR-based ECUs for VAG brands. Instead, these customers can reuse existing ECU application implementations originally developed for other Capital VSTAR-compliant OEMs, thereby dramatically shortening design cycles.

VAG’s approval of Siemens’ advanced AUTOSAR-based Capital VSTAR tools also reinforces our broad acceptance and expanding adoption among the world’s most prestigious and demanding automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. As Siemens footprint in global automotive markets continues to expand at a rapid pace, our customers are proving to be the ultimate beneficiaries.

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