Navigate the challenges of increasing project and operational complexity with Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

By Lorraine Abazeri

The Consumer Products and Goods (CPG) industry is highly competitive, and agility and resilience are critical. When your company’s critical project information is disconnected and unmanaged, this becomes difficult. CPG companies must work faster, smarter, and more predictably to stay ahead of the competition, embrace new opportunities, and deliver sustainable and profitable growth as commercial pressure mounts to operate existing assets more efficiently and bring new assets online without project delays and cost overruns.

Capital assets are an organization’s productive base, and organizations invest a significant portion of their funds in the facilities, plants, factories, and critical infrastructure that serve as the foundation of their operations. Many capital asset stakeholders today want, but are unable, to digitalize and increase efficiencies through the use of new technologies.

Watch this video demo to learn how Siemens’ Capital Asset Lifecycle Management solution can help you navigate the challenges of increasing project and operational complexity by establishing a comprehensive digital twin of your plant, facility, or other capital assets, with a digital thread that connects people, processes, and data across the asset lifecycle to accelerate project delivery, reduce costs, and improve safety, quality, and operational performance.

Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Read more about Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management, which helps companies digitalize their capital assets as early in the lifecycle as possible by establishing the enterprise data management and collaboration foundation for the capital asset lifecycle; from concept to operations.

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