Newest Community Feature: Badges!

Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to share something? 

I’m an avid user of Trip Advisor, especially when I travel. I’ve found some great food establishments all over the world because of user reviews (ask me about my favorite breakfast spot in Barcelona, Spain!). Because I feel these reviews have provided me with many great experiences, I try to give back by writing my own detailed reviews, good or bad. Last week, I got an email from Trip Advisor telling me I am the most popular reviewer in my area. I didn’t think much of it considering I have found that where I live offers very little non-chain restaurants. However, over the course of several years, I received many of these types of emails thanking me for my contribution and awarding me with badges on my profile. It wasn’t until I started working with the Siemens PLM Community that I really understood how a simple ‘thank you’ can really remind you that you’re appreciated.

When it comes to our community, I see many users always willing share their knowledge by answering a question to a fellow engineer who may be having an issue or just needs help with figuring out a new process using our software. This does not go unnoticed! The dialogue and willingness to share has been vibrant and I hope you find these conversations useful. We have a “boat-load” of solutions (answers that have been marked by the author of the original question as the “accepted solution”) that can be found in all of our categories so I know people are creating great content about the use of our software. I have yet for anyone to tell me that participating in our community hasn’t helped them to become more proficient with our tools.

Register.pngToday we are launching a new feature in the Community called Badges. Badges are a small visible way for us to recognize and reward you for the contributions you make. Simply click on your screen name in the upper left corner and under your latest posts, you will see all of the badges you’ve earned to-date in our community. Badges that are “greyed-out” are the ones you have yet to earn. Simply mouse over them and you will see the criteria it takes to achieve that badge and how many users have already earned it! Badges are visible to all users so make sure to check out how your fellow users too.

Some of you may have one or two badges while others who have been with us for years may see quite a few even though this site is not that old (Contributions to the former GTAC forums do count for posts and replies only). We have a few badges that are not visible and will be given out at special times throughout the year so make sure to periodically check back on your progress. These can be anything from winning a contest to completing a certification. Every time you earn a new badge, we will send you an email to inform you about your latest achievement.

As always, your feedback about our Community is appreciated so feel free to post a comment here or in our Community Suggestion forum. Below is a short Q&A that I put together but feel free to comment if these don’t answer your questions:

Q. How do I see the badges I’ve earned?
A. In the upper left corner, select your screen name. On your profile page, the badges are located under your recent posts. Chose ‘view all’ to see all badges. Simple mouse over a badge to see its description and the criteria that was met to achieve the badge.

Q. Can I see other Community member’s badges? Can they see mine?
A. Yes, you sure can! Just click on any user’s screen name

Why are some badges “greyed-out”?
Badges that are Bold = earned
Badges that are Greyed-out = yet to earn
Every time you earn a badge, you will receive an email notification.

Q. What kind of badge can I earn?
A. The visible badges we are launching with are:

  • Posts

  • Replies

  • Kudos received 

  • Accepted Solutions Authored

Q. Does this replace the current ranking (dreamer, creator, experimenter) under my screen name?
A. No. More on ranks at a later time Smiley Very Happy

Q. Did you know that this icon share this is universal for “Share” … on social platforms?

A. I do know and I’m going to use it more to share content from the Siemens PLM Community with my network! Smiley Wink

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