Samsung Foundry and Siemens EDA: Helping companies design the next generation of Performance Platforms 2.0

By Design With Calibre

Since 2018, the Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE™) program has encouraged and supported deep collaboration between Samsung Foundry and its ecosystem partners and customers to deliver competitive and robust system on chip (SoC) designs based on intellectual property (IP), using electronic design automation (EDA), cloud, design services, and package technology.

Beginning on November 17, the 2021 Samsung SAFE Forum will present a variety of keynotes and technical presentations covering the latest advancements in each field to help companies design the next generation of Performance Platforms 2.0 : Innovation, Intelligence & Integration.

As always, Siemens EDA will be an active participant! AJ Incorvaia, senior vice president of our Electronic Board Systems Division, will be one of the keynote speakers livestreaming across multiple timezones. AJ’s keynote focuses on the many ways in which Siemens and Samsung Foundry have collaborated for years to enable intelligence, innovation, and integration in semiconductor packaging, and empower our joint customers to innovate and achieve “more than Moore” to thrive in this highly competitive industry!

In addition to AJ’s keynote, Calibre Design Solutions, Tessent, and Electronics Board Systems technology will be on display during the technical program:

Calibre high performance compute for fast turn arounds
John Ferguson with Microsoft

Enabling accurate circuit simulation as silicon processes evolve
Christopher Clee

Calibre shifts-left into place-and-route design flows
Swathi Rangarajan and Jeff Wilson

Increase analog IP design and verification throughput using Samsung’s 5nm/3nm with Siemens EDA Analog FastSPICE Platform
Pradeep Thiagarajan

Siemens EDA 3.5D MDI solution improves PSI optimization, and validates implementation as well as verification of Si-interposer
Keith Felton and John Ferguson

Streaming Scan Network, the solution for your next DFT
Geir Eide

But that’s not all! You’ll also have the opportunity to visit our virtual booth to access a wealth of information about Siemens EDA and how we partner with Samsung to drive down time to market while still ensuring ease of use and design quality. We’ll have videos, technical papers, product factsheets, and informational brochures for you to view and download across the Siemens EDA portfolio, including such topics as:

  • Calibre in the Cloud
  • Heterogeneous chiplet design and integration
  • Tessent Streaming Scan Network
  • PowerPro low power platform
  • Catapult high-level synthesis
  • Tanner full-flow toolsuite for custom AMS designs

Have a question? Want more information? We’ll have staff standing by during the event to answer your questions and provide additional materials as needed.

Register today to ensure you have access to all the keynotes, technical presentations, and our virtual booth!

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