Calibre RealTime Digital interface scores a Finalist spot in the 2019 Elektra Awards

Since 1960, Electronics Weekly has provided the most up-to-date and insightful news, commentary, and analysis to electronics industry professionals all over the world. As the electronics sector grew and evolved, EW decided someone needed to acknowledge and reward those companies and individuals who had made major contributions to the successful innovation and advancement of global electronics technology. They created the Elektra Awards—an independently judged event open to companies and individuals worldwide.

Okay, enough of the history…We’re thrilled to announce that the judging panel has shortlisted the Calibre RealTime Digital interface as a finalist in this year’s awards, in the category of Design Tools and Development Software. Our Calibre RealTime Digital interface lets P&R engineers perform targeted Calibre signoff DRC during early stages of digital design flows, saving 40-60% of the time required for each batch DRC iteration. 40-60%! And the Calibre RealTime Digital interface performs all the checks found in the Calibre nmDRC platform, including recommended rules, pattern matching, equation-based DRC, and multi-patterning, using the same foundry-qualified rule decks used by batch Calibre runs. Yeah, that’s right…every single one.

If you’re already using the Calibre RealTime Digital interface, you’re getting fast, iterative Calibre signoff DRC during floorplanning and placement that not only significantly improves productivity for manual DRC closure, but also eliminates issues that would be exponentially harder to fix during final signoff. If you’re not, hmmm…we can help with that.

The immediate DRC feedback supports correct-by-construction fixes, enabling digital designers to focus more on meeting power, performance, and area goals. In short, the Calibre RealTime Digital interface lets designers drive DRC closure, not their tools. For you P&R engineers, that means more time for…well, whatever you need more time for. Maybe the chance to get home on time, put your feet up in front of the telly, and enjoy a relaxing beverage? For companies targeting demanding end-markets, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and 5G communications, these advantages can make the difference between just being in the market, and being a market leader.

So we’ll be at the Elektra Awards on December 4th in London, hoping to hoist our glasses in celebration. Stay tuned!

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