Mentor Software Products are Stars in the Elite World of Student Vehicle Competitions

By Jennifer Bradford

With an impressive set of software tools to offer, Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Company, leads the pack in support of the student vehicle competitions at automotive universities worldwide. In Germany, for example, we’ve added nearly 30 new schools to the HEP (Higher Education Program) since January of 2015. These are the universities training the engineers who will go on to be top performers at top German automotive manufacturers.

In the Asian market, China has been another region of explosive growth for the HEP with 20 universities using the Mentor products and a brand new sponsorship announcement with the Formula Student China organization. With a much smaller footprint, HEP still makes a big impact in the Japanese automotive training scene with five participating universities (all of them training grounds for automotive OEMs in the Asia-Pacific region) and a sponsorship program at Formula Student Japan. India is also home to 10 HEP universities.

North America has an impressive 47 sites participating in the HEP program, but of special note are the five sites on Mexico tied closely to the Harness Manufacturing Technical Talent Development Initiative.

HAW Hamburg FS.jpgCaption: HAW Hamburg U’s Formula Student racecar – a VeSys HEP customerSiemens companies will continue to lead the pack in the world of student vehicle competitions with key industry products like VeSys/Capital, FloEFD and FloMASTER, Volcano, Codebench, NX, STAR-CCM+ and Fibersim, and more!

Are you involved in student vehicle competitions and curious about Siemens sponsorship? If you team is looking for software from Siemens, check out the Projects and Competitions area on our Academic Program website, or visit the Student Vehicle Competition community!

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