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Thought Leadership

Marine STS - The Need for Integrated Simulation in Ship Design - Transcript

In the third episode of the Marine Industry Podcast Series segment on STS in the marine industry Jan and Dejan...


✈ 50% reduction in airfreight costs

Natilus uses Teamcenter to develop airplanes that can reduce the airfreight costs by more than 50%. Read this blog to learn more.

Thought Leadership

The digital impact on industrial machinery – modeling and simulation

In a recent IndustryWeek Executive Summary, Rahul Garg, VP of Industrial Machinery and SMB Business Program at Siemens Digital Industries Software participates in a...

Academic and Startups

Event Recap: Sustainability, STEM, and Education at the SEFI Annual Conference

This year, Siemens was an active participant in the SEFI Annual Conference, which was held in Dublin, Ireland from September...

Electronic Systems Design

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional

You asked and we answered! Here are the frequently asked questions about PADS Professional. What is PADS PCB design software?...

Thought Leadership

Highway harmony: Future-ready roads for better transportation  

Due to rapid population increases around the world, commutes that would normally take 20 minutes have turned into a patience-testing...


3 knowledge retention strategies for Aerospace and Defense development teams

For many aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations, knowledge loss is a big problem. Knowledge retention strategies for Aerospace are few...

Teamcenter Manufacturing

Manage complex heavy equipment MBOMs with smart manufacturing solutions

Heavy equipment manufacturers are under increased pressure to bring innovative, highly customized and lower-cost equipment to market much faster.  New...

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Impulse Space's Pioneering Approach to In-Space Transport

The world is currently witnessing the rapid commercialization of space. There are over 100 launch companies, some of which are...